What is the Best Monument in Washington DC?

The Washington Post celebrated March Madness with a special championship, one that focused on monuments rather than basketball. “Monument Madness” pitted the top monuments in the Washington DC area in four voting regions: Presidents and Founding Fathers; War and Peace; Arts and Sciences; and a grab-bag category called “What the Heck is That?” The voting committee settled on three ground rules for the brackets: the memorial must be outdoors; it must be honorary, not just a sculpture; and it can’t be in a cemetery.With big players such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and U.S. Marine Corp War Memorial it was going to be an interesting competition.


The National Fire Dog Monument, created by sculptor Austin Weishel and dedicated in October 2013 to all accelerant detection canine teams, was placed in the “What the Heck is That” category and made it into the Sweet 16 where it was pitted up against Roscoe the Rooster.


After our routing of the rooster, the NFDM moved on to the Elite 8 where it was the historic Flaming Sword of the Second Divison Memorial against the NFDM. We quickly extinguished that flame.


The Final 4 pitted Dog versus Frog – National Fire Dog Monument versus Jim Henson and Kermit Memorial. While the muppet was adorable, dogs are cuter and we celebrated by having frog legs for dinner.


After two hard fought weeks, it was down to two monuments that could take the title as best monument in DC. The National SeaBee Memorial is located in Arlington National Cemetery and celebrates the heroic acts by the Navy Construction Battallion. With generations of supporters and military veterans, the Finals proved to be an epic battle. After the NFDM fell behind by 600 votes early in the competition, it looked like it was all over for the underdog NFDM. A late evening rally changed everything and in the end, the Nataional Fire Dog Monument was able to overcome a serious deficit and win by 900 votes!!


The win wouldn’t have been possible without the support from State Farm employees, American Humane Association, Victoria Stilwell, Gabe to the Rescue, Elle the Pit Bull, and everyone associated with the State Farm Arson Dog Program. In the end, both memorials/monuments won because it raised awareness about both programs/groups.


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