Welcome to the State Farm Arson Dog Program

As the nation’s largest homeowner’s insurer, State Farm® is well aware of the severity of arson. Each year billions of dollars in property and hundreds of lives are lost as a result of intentionally set fires.

Arson Dog Poster

To help combat arson fraud and increase community awareness of the problem, State Farm has been providing financial support for the acquisition and training of an arsonist’s worst nightmare: accelerant detection canines, better known as the arson dog. Since 1993, the State Farm Arson Dog Program has put more than 425 dogs and their partners to work in 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian provinces.

Accelerant detection canines are trained to sniff out minute traces of accelerants (gasoline, lighter fluid, etc.) that may have been used to start a fire. Each dog works and lives with their handler, a law enforcement officer or firefighter trained to investigate fire scenes. The canine and handler are required to complete 200 hours of training. The intensive training school is led by Paul Gallagher, Owner and Head Trainer of Maine Specialty Dogs.

The State Farm Arson Dog Program was established with the Maine State Police under the guidelines of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. The Maine State Criminal Justice Academy is renowned for its training of canines and its national reputation in law enforcement investigation. Twenty eight years later, all teams in the State Farm Arson Dog Program are still trained and certified according to Maine State Criminal Justice Academy standards. Through education and knowledge, we can work together to make a difference and diminish the cost of this crime.



State Farm Arson Dog Training Class #52 – August 2020
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