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Arson Dog teams on The Today Show

There is nothing better than ending the week on a high note! The State Farm Arson Dog teams were highlighted in a segment for The Today Show on NBC this morning. Reporter Tom Costello and his video crew have been working on the segment since October 2013. The segment included footage from the National Fire Dog Monument in Washington, D.C. and  an interview clip with the artist of the monument, Austin Weishel. It also featured video from the recertification class that took place in Washington D.C. this past October. What makes us so thrilled with the segment is that the story was about the remarkable work these canine handlers and their dogs do to fight crime.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Jerry Means and K-9 Sadie had a video team follow him around on fire scenes for the past few months and did a remarkable job explaining what these dogs can do. Florida State Fire Marshal Detective Amelia Hitchcock and K-9 Penzy showed that women are also doing extraordinary work with arson dogs in a predominantly male-dominated job. And finally, D.C. Fire & EMS Investigator Scott Wilson and K-9 Roo were on hand LIVE to kcik-off and end the segment. K-9 Roo even gave Scott a wonderfully sweet kiss at the end of the segment.

TODAY | January 17, 2014

Arson dogs are a firefighter’s best friend

NBC’s Tom Costello talks to firefighters and meets their loyal assistants: Arson dogs, who whiff out clues to suspicious blazes with extraordinary accuracy.

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